Angles Professional Haircare has been dedicated to creating great hair for more than 25 years. Our staff are very friendly and can accommodate any need you may have. We also have a relaxing and rejuvenating spa, where we offer a wide range of esthetic services. Come visit us and we can guarantee you’ll leave looking and feeling refreshed.

We care about our clients well being. For people with allergies and sensitive scalp, we carry Essensity named products and colours. For our facials we import natural plant based creams, cleansers, masks, and similar products. Ilcsi facial treatments from Hungary, Europe.


Orofluido, Beauty elixir for your hair

Argan Oil from Morocco: Liquid gold for your hair strengthens and gives luminosity, silkiness and smoothness to the hair. Provides brilliance and shine.

Cyperus Oil from Egypt: Pure silk to the touch detangles and provides softness and volume. Leaves hair manageable, smooth and flexible.

Linseed Oil from the Mediterranean: Instant shine seals and smoothes the hair cuticle providing amazing control and spectacular shine.

Monplatin products:

black-caviarBlack Caviar Mask: minerals from the Dead Sea, pomegranate and green tea extract. Leaves hair soft, adds shine and anti-frizz control. (Wash out treatment)


styling product, adds sine, anti-frizz control, adds volume, protects hair and cuticle from heat. Lasts 2-3 washes, protecting hair and locking in colour.

orientalOriental Oil:

styling product composed of aragon oil, vitamin E, and wheatgerm. Leaves hair soft with shine and great smell.

spray-shineBlack Caviar Spray-Shine:

leaves hair with beautiful shine and softness.

jojobaJojoba glaze:

pure water base product, excellent for curly hair. Leaves nice shine to hair and rinses out very easily; does not weigh down hair.

silver-shampooSilver Shampoo:

excellent for toning yellow out of blondes and grey hair.

honeyandoliveHoney and Olive Oil Mask:

pure honey and olive oil. Leaves hair soft and shiny. Product is great for thick hair types and curly hair types.

honeycreamHoney Cream:

Leave in conditioner. Pure honey and olive oil, excellent for curls.

All of the Black Caviar line has minerals from the Dead Sea, pomegranate, and green tea extracts.