Hair Straightening

Olive Oil hair straightening is a low impact formula ideal for sensitive scalps.  It’s a two step formula that consists of a chemical activator and neutralizer.  First the hair is prepared by applying vaseline to the scalp to prevent any irritation.  Secondly the cream releaser is applied to the hair root and shaft (if necessary).  Now it must stay on the hair until the curls begin to form a loose S shape.  Now you are ready to be shampooed thoroughly with the neutralizing shampoo 2  to 3 times until hair is solution free.  Afterwards a deep conditioner is applied and you may style as usual.
Rusk Anti-Frizz System is ideal for those with unruly curls.  It’s formulated to remove some curls, most frizz and works for all hair types.  It’s a two step process after the hair has been shampooed and conditioned step A is applied at the nape working your way up to the top and combed through in C-sections.  After this process has been rinsed through step B is applied in the same manner.  When that is all complete your hair is rinsed thoroughly then cut and styled as usual.

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