Laser Hair Removal

Light energy targets the hair follicle of the selected treatment area for permanent hair reduction. The laser light is attracted to the pigment, or color of the hair. Clients with blonde or gray hair have little to no pigment, and are not candidates for laser hair removal. On average, 20% of hair reduction can be achieved on the first treatment, with up to 95% reduction over 4-6 treatments*.
Small Area- lower face, lower arms, shoulders, half/lower leg, bikini area, lip, chin, sideburns, back of neck, underarms, spot areas.
$195 for 7 treatments or $45 per treatment
Medium Area- full arms, shoulders, upper back, upper legs, Brazilian
$375 for 7 treatments or $70 per treatment
Large Area- chest/abdomen, full back, full legs
$670 for 7 treatments or $100 per treatment


*Results may vary between individuals based on differing amount of hair follicles and client’s cooperation with scheduling treatment appointments.


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